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Create Vista-style web buttons with just a few clicks


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Now that everyone is looking forward to have Vista installed and running on their computers, if you want to be trendy, you should have vista style buttons on it.

Ok, you are not an advanced user, but that's no matter because creating vista icons by using this lite tool called Vista Buttons is easy, really easy.

Just choose the template you want to use and add the text or image (or both two) in it, set the size and it will be ready to be used just saving it.

Furthermore, if you feel creative, choose colors, fonts, styles, customize all settings and create your own and stylish buttons for Vista (Which can be also used in XP, of course)

You have never created such a spectacular button with less effort than using Vista Buttons and your website will be up to date.

30 day trial version
-The word trial will appear in the button (but you can manage to make it not to appear)

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